Slider Pouch

Slider Re-closable Pouches feature a unique pull-tab opening that allows consumers to use the product after tear of laser membrane which is specially designed for anti-counterfeit. The package Slider can be pulled open to dispense the product and close to reseal the bag.

  • Re-closable slider with anti-counterfeit laser membrane.
  • True value-added packaging
  • On-the-shelf re-closable system recognition
  • High retention slider for child safety
  • Unique end-termination that keeps the slider on the bag
  • A simple way to open packages without causing ragged tears, damaging the slider, or requiring scissors to cleanly open the top of a pouch
  • Packaging design and branding are able to remain within the header
  • Aesthetic appeal: this closing system can be produced in different colours to match any brand.
  • Consistency in consumer interaction (easy open/easy close)
  • Market food, PET food, Powders, Paste, Cereals, Snacks, Bakery, Confectionery etc.

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