Moments of glory!

Continuous product innovation and improvement of performance processes is key to us – each and every day. Our customers, institutions and organizations value this and have awarded us certificates, prizes and awards.

IFCA Awards- Indian Flexible Packaging and Carton Manufacturers Association (IFCA) the exclusive national body addressing the needs of the flexible packaging and folding board/carton industry in design – development – innovation and creativity, flexible and folding board substrates and converted laminates and forms/cartons.
  • Box Pouch for Salt packaging

    This matt & gloss finished easy open pouch specially developed is a combination of stand-up + side gusset pouch which is very unique. it also provides a peel-able easy open function with convenient zipper for re-closure. The 2 layer lamination structure has high impact graphics, products shelf life and consumer functionality. The USP features: matt & gloss finish, printed bottom gussett with hard identity transparent side gusset for see through, zip lock for multi use, easy open and re-close, soft feel zipper avoids micro leakage, side and bottom gusset facilitates excellent display and laser cut membrane provides anti counterfeiting.

  • Profile Pouch

    Profile shaped T shirt pouches provide a distinctive look and create an attractive product appeal when the product is displayed on supermarket shelf. the "Socho" pouches a custom shaped pouch designed for customer convenience & shelf impact. It stands out on the shelf and allows the consumer attraction particularly children. Technical challenges included producing an engineered barrier that ensures one year shelf stable product. They improve sustainability, differentiate the brand/company from the competition and enhances end-user's experience.

  • D Punch Pouch

    E-Slider re-closable pouches feature a unique pull - tab opening that allows consumers to use the product after tear of laser membrane specially designed for counterfeit. The package slider can be pulled open to dispense the product and close to seal the bag. Pouch is designed with special dorie- eyelet and d-punch plastic handle that enables to carry higher loads. Unique features of e-slider packaging includes: Slider Closure, Design and Branding, Improved Productivity and four different Box pouch styles.